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A chutney is a spicy, sometimes sweet and sour, sometimes spicy and spicy sauce , made from fruit or vegetables, from Indian cuisine .

Chutneys are a wonderful accompaniment to meat: fried poultry, grilled meat such as steaks, but also roasts, game dishes and steamed fish go well with the spicy sauces.

Chutneys also taste great with cheese.


Our syrups guarantee a particularly pleasurable refreshment due to the high proportion of fruits, herbs and flowers. Also try the combination with Prosecco: a summery aperitif that is worthy of note! You can dilute the syrup with water in a ratio of 1:6 or 1:7, depending on your preference.

Vitis red wine


The Vernatsch has it all!

This red flagship of the region has been native to the 16th century and is widely cultivated. As a light wine with a moderate tannin and floral notes of violets and fresh berries, it is a popular aperitif wine when chilled. When accompanied by food, this all-rounder shines especially with traditional South Tyrolean cuisine. We produce our "Vitis" from this traditional South Tyrolean Vernatsch grape.

Goes well with: veal, bacon, cheese, Italian and South Tyrolean dishes.

Serving temperature: 12 ° C to 14 ° C

Fruit spreads


Since we pay attention to the naturalness of  our products, we guarantee a fruit content of at least 70% in our fruit spreads. Instead of dyes or preservatves we use apple pectin.

Apple juice 


The apples for our apple juice are harvested by hand and immediately pressed on the farm. The processing is carried out gently, without the addition of additives or sugar. The freshly squeezed juice (100%) is only heated briefly to guarantee its shelf life. Our delicious apple juice is available in bottles (0,75l) or in our Bag-In-Box-System (3l or 5l).


Stickle Gassl

red wine


The crème de la crème of Pinot Noir (Pinot Noir).

Named after our vineyard "Stickle Gassl" part of our Pinot Noir harvest is also grown in barrels.

Pinot Noir is the secret majesty among South Tyrol's Reds. Its intense scent of red and dark berries, the scent of cloves and violets as well as its soft, elegant fullness give it presence with class.

Goes well with game, lamb, rabbit and hard cheese

Serving temperature: 14 ° C to 16 ° C

Dried fruit


Whether as a snack between meals or as a dessert decoration, our dried fruit is not only versatile, but also tastes really delicious.

Strawberry wine


Our fruity strawberry wine is ideal as an aperitif, party drink, base for punch bowl or with desserts.

Ideal serving temperature: 6-8 ° C

Vinea gold

white wine


Solaris - the name refers to the power of the sun and early maturity.

For our white wine lovers, we produce our "Vinea Gold" from the fungus-resistant variety, Solaris.

This fresh, light and dry white wine goes well with vegetarian dishes, fresh cheese, fish / seafood and starters

Serving temperature: 12 ° C







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