The Hilburger-Hof is a 7 hectare "closed farm" with apples, different varieties and wine.

In the "closed" courtyard, land and the associated residential and farm building are inseparable, it can only be sold or inherited as a unit. The minimum size of a closed fruit and wine farm is 3 hectares. 


The Hilburger Hof exists since 1767 and was always owned by the Pföstl family. 

In 2003 the father, Florian Pföstl, would pass the farm on to his eldest of 5 sons, Nikolaus Pföstl.

It was then that the idea arose to build a new farmhouse and to rent out the “Locherhäusl” as a holiday home to guests. Our farm shop Hilburgerhof has been open since autumn 2016!

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Pföstl Nikolaus
St. Georgenerstr. 2a
I-39017 Scena
Tel. +39 0473 945453
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Email info@locherhaeusl.it
VAT number: 02350730210
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